Guide to the hottest wedding photo booth trends for 2024

Wedding photo booths continue to grow in popularity year after year. Not only do they provide fun entertainment for your guests, but they also create lasting memories in the form of photo strips and digital copies. As technology advances and trends come and go, more creative photo booth options are emerging all the time.

Open-air photo booths

The traditional enclosed photo booths are being replaced by open-air booths without walls or curtains. It allows more guests to participate at the same time and puts the joyful experience front and center. Attendants now assist groups in taking the perfect picture with props and positioning. Open-air booths also allow you to get more creative with backdrops using the venue’s architecture, lighting, greenery, flowers, or drapery. GIF photo booths are rising in popularity due to their playful and modern vibe. These booths take a rapid series of photos and compile them into an animated GIF image. Guests jump, dance, or goof off as the camera snaps away. The result is usually hilarious and easily be shared on social media. Most millennials and Gen Z guests will love the chance to express themselves through humorous GIF images.

Increased photo customization

Current photo booth tech allows for all kinds of fun personalization and customization. Many booths offer the option to incorporate custom graphics such as your name, wedding date, or hashtag into each photo strip layout. Some even allow you to have your guests sign the bottom white portion to create a memorable guestbook alternative. Other custom add-ons include festive digital photo frame designs, custom borders, whimsical accessories, and more. Many modern photo booths ditched the printed photo strips altogether and now offer digital photo access only. This allows you to save money on printing costs while still getting high-resolution professional photos. With digital access, each photo taken goes directly into a custom online gallery that guests access via a provided link or QR code. Photo booth attendants also share the gallery link through social media or text for instant photo sharing with family and friends, not in attendance. More details can be found at

Increased video options

In addition to snapping photos, today’s event photo booths also incorporate video into the experience. Guests record themselves giving words of wisdom for the couple to enjoy after the wedding. Or the booth record groups sharing funny stories or well-wishes set to background music. Slow motion, fast forward, and other silly video effects make recording messages extra memorable. Like the photos, video guests’ books digitally shared with attendees. Most modern photo booths instantly share photos captured wirelessly to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Many even offer custom hashtag incorporation or digital signage encouraging guests to share photos using your unique wedding hashtag. This makes capturing candid wedding moments easier than ever for attendees and gives the couple a fun way to monitor and share photos being uploaded in real-time. Some booths also instantly send photos to guests via text or email so sharing is seamless.  


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